「町田瑠唯は大成功する」 - ミスティクスのマイク・ティボーGM兼HC語る





I don’t know what’s going to be the fist challenge..., I mean I think you know the language is going to be always a little bit of barrier for a bit but we have a full-time translator for her who has played and coached. And they hit it off pretty well. So, I think that will help her in some ways.
I think the size and the speed of the post players in our league and recovering, you know. She’s been able to kind of torture the people that tried to switch on to her before, have post players switch on to her. But it will be interesting to see how she gets played. I think she’ll have great success in this league.
And I think the other part of it is you know…, much like it was brought up about Natasha Cloud a little while ago. People will probably test her a little bit by going under on some screens to see if she’ll shoot. And I’ve told her you know I expect her to be an aggressive offensive player. You know she’ll probably have to look to score a little bit more to keep defenses honest. But I think that you know she’s smart and she will adopt and I think she’ll have a lot of success.


今シーズンはRakuten NBAがWNBAの試合を配信する予定ということも発表されているので、さらにミスティクスとWNBAの見どころが何かも尋ねると、ティボーGM兼HCは以下のように続けて答えてくれた。

You know first of all, with the WNBA, you’re talking about a group of 140-some of the best players in the whole world. So, you’re seeing women’s basketball at its very best. The Olympic is close. But this is every night you know, 36 games you’re playing against a great team. There aren’t any simple games you know out there.

I think with our team in particular, it’s a style of play that you know Rui fits because we play up and down. We space the floor. We like fast-paced basketball. I’m a huge lover of great passing. And so, when they see us, I mean you know…, two or three years ago, for several years in a row we led the league in assists, in 3P shooting and free throw shooting. So you’re going to see kind of a fun style of play from us!



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